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    1. Why advertise in Mixology??

      • Downloaded over 10,000,000 times on iOS & Android, Mixology is the #1 cocktail recipe app on Earth.
      • Each & every person who views your ad enjoys drinking/mixing cocktails.
      • Geographically target specific markets.
      • Campaigns & reporting managed by MoPub.com, a third-party ad mediation company.

      Survey: How do you use Mixology??

      While mixing cocktails at home
      While ordering a drink at the bar
      While preparing for a party and/or shopping at a liquor store
      While looking up a cocktail you heard about recently

      Types of Ads in Mixology?

      Featured Drinks Banners Interstitials Rich Media
      Featured Recipes: We can add a list of drinks made with the liquor you're promoting to the Home view under the New & Featured section. This is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the app as we rotate out a nice selection of drinks. Our users come to this section to discover new, high-quality drink recipes.
      Banner Ad: This 320 x 50 ad unit contains a clickable, static image.

      Interstitial Ad: This is a full-screen ad unit that typically receives a much higher CTR than standard banner ads. Note that interstitials will be displayed only once per user session.

      A click within a banner or interstitial ad can do many things:
      • Take the user to your mobile-friendly web site
      • Open the app store and direct them to your app's download page
      • Open a browser and display your Facebook page
      • Open the Facebook app and display your Facebook page
      Rich Media: This form of advertising uses an array of digital media—including streaming audio/video and interactive animations. It represents a powerful creative opportunity, allowing campaigns to deliver far greater impact. Tapping the ad typically produces a full-screen pop-up that's also rich with animations and interactive assets.

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